Yonanas Review

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Yonanas Review

We all enjoy a tasty dessert now and then, but at the same time, we know that it is not good for us to eat sweets and sugar in general. We may try to eat healthy snacks, but most of them have all these preservatives and way more sugar than we need. However, there is one way to enjoy a dessert almost every day without feeling guilty towards our bodies. All you have to do is get yourself a device is called Yonanans.

What is Yonanas and how does it work?

Yonanas is a kitchen appliance that can help you prepare the most delicious desserts at home, without consuming unhealthy chemicals that you find in store-bought sweets and snacks. It is a mix between a blender and an ice-cream maker, but it can help you stay healthy while enjoying desserts every day.

It is very easy to understand how Yonanas works. All you need is the device and frozen fruit. The rest is effortless. Here is what you need to do.

  1. Put your favorite fruits in a bag, and then insert the bag into the freezer overnight. You need the fruits to be frozen before use to get that ice-cream texture that we all love.
  2. Assemble the Yonanas device in just a few moves. Assembly is straightforward, and you get a manual that teaches you how to do it in a few simple steps.
  3. Take the bag of frozen fruits out of the freezer, and then insert them piece by piece in the designated place. The dessert will come out of the bottom spout.
  4. Enjoy your favorite dessert!

You can see how simple it is, and I am sure you will be charmed by this appliance just like thousands of people have been so far. Yonanas guarantees the same delicious results every time you use it, and you and your family will be able to consume all these healthy and sometimes nutritious desserts.

Yonanas – features and benefits

For a simple kitchen appliance, Yonanas comes with multiple advantages. Like any other kitchen appliance, you may think that it is a hassle, but not all of them are, and Yonanas is definitely not one of them. In fact, you will hardly be able to wait until the next use. Here is what Yonanas promises.

You can make healthy desserts every day

Healthy desserts are very hard to come by these days, and we do, just because they are healthy, they are very expensive. With Yonanas, however, you can make your own. You know they are healthy because you know exactly what you put in them, and since most of it is fruit or even all of it, you cannot be mistaken. Not only that you can enjoy tasty and natural desserts, but you can also feed them to your family. I am sure that your children will be more than happy that they can have a tasty dessert every day. Moreover, you can have a dessert that is without sugar, and that in itself should persuade you to buy Yonanas.

You can use it for breakfast

Since Yonanas crushes fruits, you can use it to make a healthy and nutritious breakfast. You can add some nuts and some honey to your fruits, and you will have the calories intake for a fantastic start of the day.

You can let your imagination run wild

There is really no limit to what fruits you can use with Yonanas. As long as you like something, just put it in the freezer, and you can eat the next day during breakfast or as a dessert. Furthermore, you can use more than fruits. You can also add some dark chocolate or Oreos. As I said, you can let your imagination run wild and create the best desserts ever.

You can use it as a method to ensure the recommended fruit intake for your children

Children are not so keen on consuming fruits and vegetables. But we, as adults, know that they need to for their health and development. While an apple or a banana may be refused, no child will ever refuse an ice-cream-like dessert. What does it matter that it is made entirely out of fruit? It is not new that presentation can go a very long way. Yonanas can help you with that. That way you can make sure that your children have the right amount of fruit almost every day.

It is excellent if you have a strict gym regimen

People say that going to the gym is hard, but in fact, eating right is even harder. That is because you need to be careful about the calories intake. Fruit is a significant part of that diet, and you need to have as many as possible. Not to mention that you need all the vitamins and minerals. I do not know if you have ever had a strict gym regimen, but eating that much fruit can make you throw up at times, and you end up hating them. That is not going to happen with Yonanas. You can use it for both dessert and breakfast, and it will change things a little bit. Plus, you can add whey to your desserts, and that is even better.

It can help you prepare vegan desserts

Vegans are not as ignored as before, but they still have a hard time finding places that serve tasty desserts that are vegan. That is why Yonanas is highly appreciated in the vegan community. You can make your own dairy-free desserts using only what you like. The same principle applies to lactose-intolerant people.

It is easy to use

Yonanas does not have many controls. In fact, it has only one, and it starts the machine. You do not need anything more than that. Plus, assembly and disassembly are easy to achieve. You should figure it out by yourself how to do it, but the manufacturer includes an instruction’s manual in the package, and it contains clear instructions. You should get the hang of it pretty fast.

It does not take much of your time

One of the reasons I do not bake or make desserts, in general, is that it takes a lot of my time. I do not have the patience to sit in the kitchen for two hours to bake a batch of cookies or make a cake. To be honest, I do not waste my free time on that. With Yonanas, on the other hand, my dessert is ready in just a couple of minutes. How long can it take to get some fruit out of the freezer, crush them with Yonanas, and then clean the machine? I do not even wash it. I just throw the parts in the dishwasher. The whole thing takes 5 minutes tops. In this case, making a dessert is as easy as pie. Actually, a pie takes a while to do, so it is easier than pie.

It is easy to clean

Once you are done making desserts, you need to wash the Yonanas machine before you put it in the cupboard until the next use. However, that is easy. You can wash them in the sink, but all the components that need cleaning are dishwasher safe. You can just throw them in there, and the job is done. You do not have to scrub. After all, you use frozen fruit, not some kind of batter that dries up and sticks to the plastic.

Are there any downsides to Yonanas?

There is one thing that I think it is worth mentioning. However, I do not see it as a disadvantage per se. It may seem inconvenient at times, but that is only if you do not prepare. What I am talking about is that you must always have frozen fruit in your freezer so that you can use Yonanas. If you are out, you cannot make the delicious desserts you usually make. So, if you are craving a tasty dessert made with Yonanas, you need to wait until the next day to give the fruit time to freeze.

While that may seem like a downside for many, I think it can be easily overcome. All you have to do is put fruits in the freezer and have them available at all times. How hard can it be? That way you make sure that you can always use the Yonanas.

My personal experience with Yonanas

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I cannot say that I was very excited by Yonanas at first. I thought it is just another kitchen appliance that promises a lot of things but ends up disappointing you. I have tried multiple products before, and not all of them delivered. I thought that Yonanas was nothing but a glorified blender, but I was proven wrong.

A friend of mine bought Yonanas, and when I went over to her, she gave this small bowl with what I thought to be ice-cream. It was very tasty, and I was sure that it is store-bought. But she told me that it was made just 2 minutes ago in her kitchen. She showed me the Yonanas device and how it works. I could not believe it. My opinion did a U-turn so fast that I could not wait to get my own.

When it arrived, I was still a bit skeptical because I did no use it myself, so I was allowed. I put some fruit in the freezer when I submitted the order just to make sure that I can try the Yonanas as soon as I get my order. I unpacked it, browsed a little bit through the manual, and then decided to take it for a spin. The instructions were clear, and it did not take long until I figured out how to assemble and use the machine.

My first thought was that my frozen fruit will get out all pasty and inedible, but again, I was wrong. I got the same texture I saw while my friend gave me the dessert at her place. And then it hit me. If you put frozen fruit in a blender, the heat and the friction of the blades will turn your fruit in something that resembles a thick and frozen drink rather than ice-cream. But the Yonanas does not. It will maintain the frozen part without melting it in the crushing process. Needless to say, I was impressed.

After that first try, I used the Yonanas almost every day. I have ever bought so much fruit in my life. About 95% of them would go into Yonanas. I learned a lot of recipes and learned how to mix the fruits for a better taste. I started to add more than frozen fruit. I used chocolate, not always dark, cookies, oats, nuts, and a few other things that I cannot think of right now. The point is that the machine allowed me to get creative and create the best desserts for me.


My overall opinion now is a positive one, and it seems to concur with the one of the majority of people who bought the machine. The Yonanas reviews online seem to be mostly positive, and it is easy to see why. Not only that Yonanas allows you to treat yourself every day, but the result is healthy and all natural. That is not something you come across every day, especially in stores. Sure, you need to make a small effort, but it is all worth it. Yonanas is fantastic, and I strongly recommend it to everyone. Click here to buy on Amazon

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